THE EQUILIBRIUM – new music concert for two organs (19 December 2018)

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Everyone has an experience of equilibrium: on the surface of the water, in the breeze, from joy. Held in the church with the best acoustics in Budapest – and with a baroque and electronic organ differently tuned – the concert creates a feeling of musical equilibrium. 

The program includes works by Petr Eben, Muzio Clementi, Dariusz Przybylski, Ajtony Csaba and young composers who participated at the masterclass Equilibrium.

Dariusz Przybylski (organ) and Ajtony Csaba (organ)

The concert is free. Free seating.

The first concert of the series NewSpiritMusic (2018-19). The concert series NewSpiritMusic includes four concerts focusing on four symbols: the equilibrium, the touch, the light, and the silence.

Supporters: National Cultural Fund, UVic


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